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Harman Kardon DVD22 problems

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Hello all,

i have been searching through this forum on info regarding the HK DVD22 and I've read nothing but great reviews of this player. And I must admit, the PQ is just awesome. However, have anyone had issues with this dvd player??? I owned the DVD22 since July 04 and been having problems with it since. I'm already on my 3rd player.

My first player worked great for about 2-3 weeks, and then it started skipping and pausing. After playing a DVD for an hour or so, the picture will pause. The LCD shows the timer still running, but the picture is paused and no sound. No buttons on the remote works. No buttons on the DVD player work either, except for the main power button. I'm force to power off and power back on. I can continue watching for another hour and then the problem exist again. On occassions where it doesn't pause, it'll sometimes quickly skip when a movie changes to the next chapter. I returned it for a second one thinking I got a lemon.

After only two hours on the second unit the LCD display went out on me. Tried changing the settings...nothing. Called tech support and they told me to exchange it again. I waited a few days before exchanging it so I can watch my DVDs. I encountered the same problems as the first player, it skips occassionally as the movie chagnes to the next chapter and paused a few times.

My 3rd player was much better. The LCD is bright and it have not paused on me. it did skipped a few times but definitely not like the previous two players. However, after a few months, i noticed that the sound and video is out of sync. The sounds comes just before the video. This happens occassionally. I can no longer exchange this player and am stuck with it now. i have tried the same dvds on my panasonic unit and don't have any of these problems.

i read all the reviews from CC and there are at least a good 10 reviews where people had similar issues with pausing and out of sync sound. Have anyone had these issues??? Any ideas or advise. I read in one of these threads that there's a software update for the HK DVD22

I appologize for the long thread and thank you all for your support on this forum. it have been a great research tool for me.
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Have you considered trying to return it for a refund or for credit towards another player?

When I bought my player I narrowed down my choice between the HK 22 and a yamaha S550. I had read a few stories similiar to yours on HK DVD players being problematic.

I went with the yamaha and so far so good. Picture and sound are excellent for the money.
The above reply was not very helpfull now was it.....?

Hey ynnhoj,

I have had the DVD 22 for a few months now and like yourself am very happy with the picture and sound quality of the unit. I have also experienced the same issue with the player freezing up while it still counts on and can do nothing but switch it off...it's happend maybe 3 or 4 times. I sent an email to HK support who say they are aware of the problem and are in the process of developing a fix for the player in the form of an update CD.

This update will be posted on the HK web site once it has been released.

I happen to like this player enough to wait for the update and for the price I could not really ask for much better. Stick with it and see what happens.
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