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Hi there,

I bought a Harman/Kardon AVR 155 a few months ago.

I use it with the Harman/Kardon HKTS 7e 5.1 speakers.

Today I wanted to use the EzSet/EQ feature to automatically calibrate the system.

So I started it in the OSD.

The first two or three tries it told me that FL had no speaker attached. I checked with some music, all speakers were working.

So I tried again. This time it worked. It produced a lot of noise on all the speakers. It was the loudest on the center speaker. Then the last test topped all previous tests, it was SO loud, I canceled the process.

I like loud music, but that was extreme. I feared it could have destroyed the speaker, so I played some music and guess what... The center speaker didn't produce clean sound anymore...

Did this happen to anyone else? How can I avoid it in the future? I really would like to use this feature but I don't want to buy new speakers every time after using it...!

Any comments, thoughts on this?

Kind regards,

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