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Harman Kardon HKTS 18 - Mounting

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I am planning on getting a set of these speakers to hook up to an HK AVR 347. I will have to wall mount the two rear speakers. Any suggestions on wall mounting hardware for these speakers?
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The HKTS 15 comes with the brackets for wall mounting. I would think the HKTS 18 would too. The only thing that isn't included are the screws. The manual for the HKTS 15 suggests using #8 screws. I haven't wall mounted any of them, but the manual gives illustrated instructions that seem reasonably easy to follow. You should be able to pick up some screws and hang em up. Good luck.
Thanks. Had I read the full description on Amazon, I would have noticed that wall mounts are included. I will keep in mind that I will have to purchase the screws.
H/K also has the manuals on their web page if you wanted to download it and read it ahead of time.
Good suggestion.. Being that you are looking at this thread, I am going to ask you another OT question. I/m not a high tech guy but I think I will be able to get all the new stuff I/m getting hooked up. My question is this. When you connect the speaker wire to the speaker or the receiver, do you use bare wires or do you use some other form of connection. I thought I have seen something about some clips, but I don't recall where I saw that.

Thanks again for the help.
I just used the bare wires to hook up my HKTS 18 set. The satellites have spring clip connectors. You could use a banana plug to plug into the receiver, but there isn't really a benefit other than convenience if you are going to be connecting and disconnecting often. Just to let you know, I have my surround speakers mounted and all you need are #8 screws as long as you are going into studs. If you are into drywall you need to get an anchor or molly, but the mounting is really easy. I will say that if your speaker wire is 14 ga it can be a slightly difficult set up because the mounts are made with the included packaged wire (18 or 20 ga) in mind (the wire fits through the mount). So definitely don't go any larger than 14 ga. And if you end up getting speaker stands for the fronts, the $100 set from HK is not necessary. The $25 set from walmart works fine although you will have to use the mounting tape because the screws are not in the correct location. But it is stable.
Thanks. That is all good information. I think I will be going in to the studs for the rears. But I will be prepared if that does not work out. Because of the room layout, vaulted ceilings, I will be placing my fronts on a ledge above the tv at about 8 ft. The rears will be up on the wall behind the couch also at 8 ft. I hope that set up works out. I would not be able to place the fronts anywhere else.
As will said, bare wire will be fine. The plugs/pins come in handy when you change things around, and they look really nice, but to my knowledge (which I admit is limited) I don't think they improve the sound.

Another quick tip...you will want to change your crossover settings from the default 100 Hz to 120 Hz on your AVR to make sure your aren't missing any part of the frequency range. I think the frequency range for the satellites only goes to about 120 Hz & I believe the default on the AVR is set at 100 Hz. If you position your sub right, your movies will sound pretty good.
Will the manual explain how to change the crossover settings. I have no idea what that is. I do have an old HK AVR and I am familiar with some things, but alot of what I read on these threads is pretty over whelming. PCM, looseless, bitstream... all very confusing. I/m going to plug in the HDMI cables and hope the sound comes out.
The manual will explain it. Look for the speaker size setting menu and the x-over setting menu sections. You can also use h/k tech support. I've used their web support and they were able to help me with some things that I had trouble with. There is also an h/k 247/347 thread in the amp section of the avs forum. It will probably be helpful for you too.
I have been over on that thread. Very helpful. After reading all of it I am still going to get a AVR 347
Can anyone suggest how to mount the center speaker to the ceiling? From what I can tell, the center speaker didn't come with mounting hardware and is designed to "sit" on something rather than mount. But I designed my room and wired so that the center speaker would mount to the center of the front edge of the ceiling. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
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