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Harmon Kard AVR-254 & 354 Discussion

Both Feature

Harman-exclusive Logic 7 Movie, Music, and game surround sound processing in 5.1 and 7.1 channels

HDMI 1.3a with Deep Color and Faroudja DCDi Cinema video processing with upscaling to 1080p

EzSet/EQ equalization for quick and accurate system setup

Full Suite of Dolby surround decoding, including Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus

XM Tuner Ready



50w Per Channel

2 Optical In


75w Per Channel

3 Optical In

Zone 2 Remote

A-Bus Support

The Bridge II Supported and Included

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Now that the initial post is there.

HELP! There is a problem with my receiver, well all of the AVR 254 and 354.

Any time there is no sound coming out of any digital audio connection, the receiver stops syncing.

Example. Apple TV sound effects will basically not play in between due to the syncing delay. Takes about 2 seconds to sync in. And it disconnects audio immediately. There needs to be a delay before it drops its audio sync. This goes for optical and HDMI, coaxial has not been tried yet. Optical does sync faster than HDMI so the issue isn't as apparent, but it is there.
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