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I currently have the following setup:

Denon AVR 1802 (80Wx5)

Polk Audio Monito 70 (fronts), Monitor 40 (rear) and CS2 center.

I do have spare Def Tech BP6B and Polk R50 pairs.


This is set up in a large family room, 15 ft ceiling, 20x20 feet with one open wall.

I am pretty happy with the Denon but still feel it I am missing something. Alhough the receiver spec says 80x5 as power output, I am going to take it as 80watt receiver for this discussion.

I am looking at using HK 3490 (240W) or Emotiva UPA-2 (250 W) to hook up the front speakers. My primary interest is music.

1) Which one from the above will be a good choice (HK 3490 or Emotiva UPA-2)? Costwise they are comparable but I think UP-2 has higher TDH (.1% vs .04%)

2) Will I abe able to create a 7.1 setup with either of one above and the existing 5.1 Denon AVR 1802? If so, will I need to get a DVD palyer that has 7 channel audio out?

3) Emotiva UPA-2 is an amp - I assume it will need a preamp. Can the RCA out from DVD player be used as an input?

4) How does one control the volume controls in thsi type of setting when u have more than one amp?

I dont think I can listen to any Emotiva amps but from the pics and specs, they are impressive. Appreicate any alternatives as well.


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