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Harmon Kardon Festival 80 amp/woofer/spkrs only

Have your HK Festival 80 woofers fallen apart at the edges?

What I have available is the subwoofer section only, with 4 of the 5 satellite speakers. THIS DOES NOT CONTAIN THE CONTROLLER OR ANY SOURCE UNITS. They plug into each other with a dedicated DIN plug/jack, and the amp and controller need each other to operate.

But if your woofers have succumbed to the typical foam-edge scenario where their edges have dessicated and fallen apart, as happens to pretty much all of the foam half-roll edge woofers of that era, this is your answer. Esp. since you still have the head unit. I have personally re-edged those 2 woofers and they now operate perfectly and like new again. (Or you can send me your woofs and I will re-edge them for you too. This actually goes for virtually any size woofer). Or if either of your built-in amps have ceased operation, I will guarantee that everything in mine will work fine for your controller.

The unit has some wear and tear. This is because they spent some time outdoors covered but exposed to the moisture of the air, and the box edges have split a little in places. But since it is a ported enclosure, absolute seal is not critical, as would be with a sealed inclosure where the woofer bounces on the sealed air cushion. The front cover is there but the holder nubs have broken off (not my unit, I would never have allowed that to happen), but if used hidden that makes no difference.

The amps mounted to the back of the unit appear to be in perfect condition and are very powerful, with 5 satellite channels of 35w/ch (20-20K, .09% THD), and the sub having its own dedicated 95w, all RMS. That's 175wRMS on the satellite speakers and 95wRMS on the woofer, for a total of 270wRMS for the system. The sat speakers are 8 ohm 2 way's with a 3-1/2" Laminated Fiber driver and a 1" Flare-Dome tweeter each. The 2 woofers are 8" 8ohm each, paralleling down to a 4 ohm load for the amp, which again is very beefy, as you can see in the pix.

Very powerful system. Of course without a head unit/controller I cannot test that, but I will guaranty their efficacy as part of the deal.

If you have a controller you want to part with, let me know and perhaps I will be able to sell it as a complete unit instead of just the woofer/amp section.

I am looking for $250. The complete Festival 80 retailed for nearly $2000.

Mr Bob


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