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Harmony 1100 Has Customizable Touchscreen

By Rachel Cericola
Logitech is adding to its popular remote line, with a 3.5-inch full color touchscreen.

A lot of remotes out there are so complicated, you can't even turn on the TV. Logitech has just announced the Harmony 1100, which gives off that chic, complex look, but is easy to operate a trademark of all of the remotes in the popular Logitech line.

The newest Harmony includes a 3.5-inch full-color touchscreen. Even cooler, you can actually customize the unit so that commands are whenever you need them to be. Tactile guides around the screen help you choose the right commands. Of course, there's also one-touch activity-based access, which is what made the Harmony line so famous.

The Harmony 1100 is a natural extension of the Harmony promise - to simplify today's complex home-entertainment systems, said Ashish Arora, VP and general manager of Logitech's Harmony unit.

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