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Harmony 628/659 with Samsung DLP?

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I now have my Harmony working about 99.9% correctly.

I just have one question.

Is it possible to have the Harmony switch inputs on the TV without having to cycle through them one at a time?

My TV is a Samsung HLN507W DLP.

Even with the Samsung remote I still have to cycle through the inputs.

When I first set up the Harmony remote It would instantly jump to component 1 when I pressed "Watch DVD".

But then when I pressed "Watch TV" it would turn off all the stereo equipment and DVD player but would not switch the TV to the DVI input.

Is it possible to have this television switch modes instantly?

Having to wait while it cyles through seems like an eternity.
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Well after two attempts the Logitech support fixed my problem. Yay.

He said he had to adjust the inputs for my TV. I asked him in my last email to let me know what he changed so I could post here to help everyone.

I'm sure I am not the first Samsung owner to have this problem.
I have a samsung dlp that isn't suposed to have discrete codes, but as part of the huge bank of buttons I can scroll through on the lcd pages I found that there are some descrete codes in there that work. I haven't screwed with it enough to get one of these built into the macro so it still does the vid window and has to step down the list of active inputs. So take a look at some of the buttons hidden with in the pages associated with the tv and you will probably find that there are discrete codes there somewhere.
Andy, and everybody else with a Samsung DLP.

The code for DVI is set wrong on the software. The tech at Logitech has now gotten my tv working correctly. It now jumps to all the correct inputs without having to cycle through. YAY.

Below is the response from the tech I received:

Response (Jaime O.) 12/22/2005 10:46 AM

Dear Leon,

Thank you for your recent inquiry about your Harmony Remote

I’m happy that the TV now is changing the inputs correctly. What I did is I adjusted the inputs for the TV. If you run the setup wizard for the inputs of the TV you will find that your TV uses discrete commands. The command for the input DVI was incorrect, I selected the command called “Input DVI†and it looks like that command takes the TV to the correct DVI input. You can check the setup of the inputs for your TV by going to “More Options†for the TV and then “Adjust TV inputsâ€
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