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I have a Harmony 670 remote, which works very well for my needs functionally and I'm not looking to upgrade. I'm especially concerned that a new remote will remove features I already use, such as sequences, or the ability to support 15 devices.

I also have a Niles MSU/140 IR repeater to carry the IR signals into a back room housing components.

Now the problem. The harmony remote works very unreliably in this configuration at distances greater than ~8 feet.

Now, the native device remotes (not the harmony) will work from virtually any distance within the room, so the problem is specific to the harmony. Furthermore, I normally power the Harmony with 4x 1.2v NiMH batteries, rather than 1.5v alkaline. Through experimentation, I have found that the stronger the batteries, the better the performance. If I put slightly used alkaline batteries in it, the distance is improved by about 6 feet. If I put 4x brand new alkaline batteries in (4x1.5v) for a total 6v, then I can use the harmony reliably from anywhere in the room. But this wouldn't last long, since only brand new batteries would operate at that voltage; the more they are used, the less effective the remote would work.

So the battery strength clearly has a signfificant impact on range and reliability. But 4.8v is all I can get out of NiMH, and I don't want to use disposable batteries in this remote, because it burns through them quickly.

Are there any other options for boosting the power of the signal received by the IR repeater receiver? Or are there any other options for increasing the sensitivity of the sensor, or for powering the remote? I've thought about trying to shim another 1.2v battery in there to bring it up to the full 6v, but that's a pretty bulky solution.


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