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Harmony 688 - Really Struggling

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Has anyone had success getting their Harmony 688 to successfully control a Toshiba DST-3000 or Hughes E86 HDTV / DirecTV set top box?

I was able to get the rest of my components to work, but not these two boxes (which are clones of each other) I tried using most of the 10 or so different profiles they have in their database for the DST-3000 and e86, plus learning my existing remote control in both analysed and raw format. Other learning remote controls have had no problem controlling these boxes - I can use the same remote I am teaching the harmony with to teach other learning remotes and they work reliably every time.

Harmony support is so far unable to help. Has anyone run into this problem and either solved it (or have been unable to solve it)? I've probably spent five hours so far on this and am getting really frustrated. We learned and unlearned, we adjusted the number of repetitions, etc. About the the only thing I haven't tried yet is typing in pronto codes directly.

They also let me know that the Harmony 688 has some sort of known problem with IR repeaters. When we got to the end of the line with trying all kinds of stuff the support rep asked me if I was using an IR repeater system, which I am. But in my case I can't control the set top boxes either through the repeater or directly pointing at the box itself so this doesn't seem to be the problem.

The only other data point is that the Harmony will intermitently have success controlling the satellite box when I hold the remote within 12 inches of the front of the set top box, but never works farther away than 12 inches or through the IR repeater.


- Dan
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Sorry to hear your having problems. I have the SST-659 remote and it works fine with my


I guess you already tried replacing the batteries? Weak IR signals are a symptom of used batteries. The Toshiba's IR receiver could be less sensitive than those in your other devices.
Just put in brand new batteries after I read your post and no change in behavior. Real bummer.
I have a 659 controlling 7 devices - only a minor sniglet with my receiver but other than it is pretty well behaved.
i just received 2 h688's a few days ago and have wasted 3 days trying to get these to work right ( i also have a e86 but that was not my problem) it has been a nightmare. press a button and works..., do it again 10 min later and 2 items not in the activity turn on and 2 that are in don't??? even had harmony go in and check config and all was right ( they did have to make some changes on their end for my MIts vs-1280 proj ) ... so instead of pushing 1 button i now have to follow up by pressing another 6-10 buttons to correct what it did wrong... 2 diff remotes... both don't work for crap. there are no special circumstances involved. remote is pointed at and only 8 feet from units. very disappointed..

one more thing... even if all worked there are in my opinion 2 very bad items wrong with this remote... first is the activity buttons above the screen. I have long thin fingers and i find it really hard to be able to press an activity button with out hitting another. second is there is no sleep timer ( harmony informed me that none of their remotes offer this but their rep at the recent NY show told me YES when I asked if the 688 had this feature ) oh well... now where to look???
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