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I have the following equipment and am having trouble with my remote.

HArmony 700

Next Gen RF remote repeater-(using stick on ir repeaters)

Xbox 360

Motorola DCX 3400-DVR

Panasonic TC-P46G10

Onkyo HT-RC160

Everything but the TV (duh) are housed in a closet less than 5 feet from where I use the remote.

I can't seem to get consistent performance. I have the worst problems with the DVR. I never have trouble turning on the TV as it is working great line-of-sight using IR.

The DVR responds sparingly, and if it does, it's often way off. I've adjusted from 3 up to 5 on the troubleshooting software page and it hasn't helped.

At times the Reciever doesn't switch inputs correctly, but after using the help command, it will switch.

I am about to throw this remote through the wall...or the Next Gen....

I suspect it's weak RF, because if I point it directly at the device, the proper things occur, in the proper sequence.

Is the Next Gen known to have issues? I make sure the batteries are charged.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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