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Harmony 880 and HTPC Power-off/On

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I am having trouble getting my Harmony 880 to Shut-down/Sleep and Wake my HTPC. I am using a Antec Fusion 430 case for my IR receiver. I can control the HTPC when it's on with the remote with no problems. I can see the HTPC receives the power button command but nothing happens. I checked the jumper settings on my motherboard. I tried both jumper settings. It did not make a difference. I am using Vista Ultimate 32bit for my OS. My MB is ASUS p5k-vm. I also have a diNovo Edge that does not work either when I try to turn on the HTPC. I would prefer the remote to work but I will take either. I too lazy and don't want to get off the couch to turn on my HTPC. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

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To turn ON your HTPC with a remote control, you pretty much need the official Microsoft transceiver, I believe. I bought an Anted IR receiver and it didn't work. You should be able to put your computer to sleep though...

Also, I'm not sure but I believe the diNovo edge uses bluetooth. Usually only keyboards with a dedicated USB receiver properly wake up computers from sleep. To narrow down the problem, try plugging in a wired USB mouse to the port your keyboard is plugged into and see if it wakes up your computer. If it does, then it's a problem with your keyboard, if it doesn't, then it's likely a problem with your mobo USB config.
I can wake my computer from S3 with a diNovo mini (also bluetooth).
I was able to get the diNovo to wake the PC after installing the MCE Standby Tool. Still haven't got the Harmony to work.
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