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Harmony 880 - Arranging functions on LCD

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From what I can tell, you can not arrange the actions on the LCD screen. MAJOR bummer!

I've tried moving around the order of them in the web interface, but when it updates the remote, they are not in the order I want them. It seems like it groups all of the functions per device. So all of your PVR functions will be together, then your TV, then Receiver, etc... This really sux cuz I'd like the first page on the LCD screen to have functions for all of the devices.

Anyone know a workaround? Thanks!
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You can organize the command on Device pages as you see fit in the web interface, this can also be done for the screen shown at the end of the activity, you just need to go into the specific activity's options in order to do this.

the LCD order is...

1 2

3 4

5 6

7 8

Web Order









You can also reorder the Activites screen from the web interface. you have 3 options on the activies box online. Add, Remove, Reorder.
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NOVA, I thought the same thing, but thats not always true. If on an activity menu I put some TV functions on say 1, 3 and 5...and then put AV Receiver functions on the rest. If groups them together by device, so when I update the remote, my TV functions are on 1,2,and 3 and then all the AV functions are next. They don't stay where I put them. :(
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