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So I hvae had the remote for a few days now.

After the initial setup, which was fairly easy to get the basics down pat, but more difficult to fine tune, for example it was working very slow and it took a while for me to figure out what it was doing wrong.

I also had a problem with the inputs and getting them to work correctly.

Tech support was great. Short hold times and very paitent understanding and helpful.

There are a few negatives which I see.

I find the buttons not very ergonomic. The channel up and down are very thin & Skinny, as well as the vol up and vol down.

I think the favorite channels is a great idea but for someone who does not know how to use the remote probably would not find it. I do not understand why the favorites can't be on the main screen of the device.

I have a combination TIVO / DVD player. It is very hard to find the thums up / thumbs down buttons. They are there but once again burried.

Now for the good stuff. If you are like me you are the only one in your home who could opperate the remote, before harmony. We had 10 remotes and no one in the house let alone my in laws or the baby sitter could figure out how to turn on the tv, dvd, stereo, etc.

It is now moron proof. if the buttons were more ergonomic I could teach my dog to change the channels.

So, Woid I buy it again. Without a doubt.

Do I think they can design the format of the remote better. Alos without a doubt.

PM me if you have any questions.

But havig said that I would reccomend the remote without too much reservation.
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