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Harmony 890 - DirecTv HR 20 problem

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I just bought the Harmony 890. As I understand it, the Harmony 890 should be able to control the HR20 using the RF signal without relying on the extender and blasters. In other words, the remote's RF signal should be able to directly control the HR20 PVR without using the extender to convert the RF signal into an infrared signal.

I have gone into the DirecTV HR20 menu to set the box for RF signal (shutting off receipt of the IR signal). However, everytime I do this, the remote no longer controls the HR20 at all so the remote is clearly not sending the RF signals to the PVR box.

It appears that a few people have successfully gotten their Harmony 890 to work directly with the HR20 using RF (without the extender) and wondered if anyone has any suggestions for how I can set it up. Logitech customer support did not get it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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The Harmony can't control most RF enabled devices. Its RF capability is used with its RF Extender. I think the Harmony can control some "Z-Wave" devices (lights), but I don't know the details. You should be able to control the receiver via IR.
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