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Harmony 890 Pro, Zwave outlet, power saving questions

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Everybody know that your tv, dvd player, reciever...everything uses some power when it is not on. After awhile this can really add up. Say you already use some type of surge protector or power strip, so all your devices are basically plugged into one outlet. What if you replaced that outlet with either a Zwave receptacle or some type of plug in appliance module.

Could you then have the Harmony 890 (Pro or not) turn on the outlet first, then proceed to turn on the devices needed for your particular activity?

If this would work, what would the drawbacks be? Worth the power savings over a year? 2yr? 5yr?

(Also, I know there is always the option of just unplugging your power strip, but for those of us with an AV closet, this could be an option.)

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