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I know this story has been discussed to death, so I thought I would just quickly share my recent experience. A customer dropped their Harmony 890, then called me to say that it was charging intermittently, then not at all.

I knew about the contact problems with the 880 and the original bases, so I cleaned the contacts, placed the paper in the battery compartment, then propped the contacts up in the base. None of these worked, in fact, I could not get the remote to make any contact, or intermittent charging, even when applying pressure.

Harmony support said that I needed a new base for charging. I didn't believe it and I took the remote apart only to find that the leads that go from the contacts on the bottom of the remote to the circuit board had come disconnected. Simply reconnecting the white wires fixed the whole problem, and that was simple to reconnect.

If you get no charging whatsoever, there is a contact that can become disconnected inside of the remote.
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