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Harmony 890 Volume Issue

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Hi there,

I've been using a Harmony 890 with my Outlaw 990 pre/pro for a few weeks now. I'm using the RF to IR translator to control the 990. Sometimes, the volume seems to jump by multiple dB, rather than one at a time. That is, I can go up one dB and down one dB for several iterations, and then, apparently for no reason, one of those button presses will increase the volume level by, say, 3 or 4 or 5 or more dB.

I can comment further:

* I'm not holding down the volume up or down button -- I'm intentionally hitting it one at a time.

* I've modified the "repeat" value in the 890 setup from 1 to 0 (1 was the default). No change.

* I've modified the "time between commands" value (I think it was 100mS and I changed it to 0). No change.

* I've put the RF to IR translator closer to the 990. No change.

* I unplugged all other IR blinkers that I use to control "other stuff." No change.

* I believe most other commands are working normally (no multiple issuances that I've noticed, but, of course, volume +/- is the most used feature).

* I don't necessarily think it's the fault of the Outlaw, as it works fine with its OEM remote. However, having worked on lots of computers and other engineering-type-crap, I know that "stranger things have happened."

So -- who else has experience with the Harmony 890, did you see this problem, and if so, have you been able to resolve it?


-- Otto


Outlaw Audio 990 // Sunfire Cinema Grand

Mitsubishi 52" HD DLP// Denon DVD-1910

Dish HD DVR-942 // Dell E510 HTPC

Definitive Technology BP2002, C/L/R 2002, BPX
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I've had the 890 for several months now and I occasionally experience the same multiple dB increase. The only thing that I have noticed is that if I press the volume button quickly and not firmly, it seems that the amp moves multiple dB. It seems like if I am not firm enough when I press the volume button that the amp gets more than one volume change command in succession. So, I have just tried to make one firm press of the volume up/down lever rather than quickly hitting it--that seems to eliminate the multiple dB changes.
Happens to me as well on my Yamaha 2600...quite frustrating.
Same with my Pioneer 74tx, was going to look into it.....one day...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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