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Harmony 890pro 3 pages of favorite channels

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Hi Everybody

Just wanted to share something I stumbled upon.

I recently got both a 1000 and a 890 pro to test drive. I had set up the 1000 on my account and put in pics for the three pages of favorite channels. When I plugged in the 890 pro the software changed the remote associated with my account to the 890 pro. After I updated the 890 pro with my system settings, I hit the media button and noticed that all three pages of my favorite channels were still there.

Now the pics were for the 1000 so the resolution of the pics isnt right. I went into the software and changed the first two pages of pics so that the resolution is correct for the 890 pro. I can't however fix or change the third page of channels.

I just wanted to share with everybody. I wish I could fix the last page of images.

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maybe removing and re-adding the activity would fix the problem. the 890pro has a different account type in the harmony database than all the other remotes. you cannot properly convert an 890pro account to use any other type remote. no doubt there is also some quirks when converting an account for an 890pro model.

best thing to do for 890pro remotes is always to setup a new account instead of "upgrading" an existing account.
Don't get me wrong I haven't tried to get rid of it. I think I could have changed the resolution by starting a new account with the 1000 and uploading the correct images for the 890 pro and then upgrading the account to the 890 pro.

I really kind of like having the third page, except for the fact that the images look kinda wacky.

I'm having trouble understanding why logitech would limit the number of pages, for the favorite channels, if the hardware obviously supports having more than two.
Most likely they try to limit the favorites in order to make sure there is enough room for all of the devices/activities the remote can support. I'm guessing if a person was using all 15 devices and tried to have 3 pages of custom icons he would run out of memory and it would start causing issues with functionalitly.

This is just a guess though.
Thats seems like a logical reason.

A couple of checks in the software logic could determine on remote storage usage and enable/disable such items as multiple favorite page programming.

I guess that could confuse users. People try to add another device and suddenly other parts of their remotes become more limited.
Yep, I bet that would confuse a lot of people.

I have heard that sometimes devices even cause issues themselves. I heard that some receivers have over 100 IR commands, and if you try to assign them all to soft buttons in the receiver device it can end up causing all kinds of issues. Most likely because the remote runs out of memory.
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