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Hey, gots me a TX-NR818 and a Logitech harmony remote.

I spent an hour and a half with logitech support to no avail ,and they said there maybe a setting in the amp to completly shut down the amp due to power saving, the only thing I can see in the power settings are something called Auto standby on or off. I have tested this on and off and both have the same results, it wont turn on after a period of time.

I may have to send a support ticket to onkyo or ask them, because I cant for the life of me figure out why everything will turn off and on execpt my amp wont turn on, after is has been turned off for a short time.

I even turned everything off, went to the shop which was 10-15 min and again it would not turn on, but if you turn everything off then on over and over just to test it, it works fine.

Any ideas, this is my first onkyo.


Ps. everything else works ok, and its not the blaster as everything else works.
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