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Harmony Hub and Companion - Tivo power cycle issues

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I recently bought the hub and companion. I have a major issue that never occurred with my other Harmony remotes. I have a TiVo Premiere for my cable tv feed. When leaving a "watching cable tv" activity to watch a DVD for example a power command appears to be sent to the box. The Tivo box and remote have no power toggle or on/off buttons. It is always meant to be powered on unless unplugged. However, I see the green ready light disappear when switching to my disc player.

I found the pointless power toggle command under the Tivo device on the Harmony app. Is there anyway to prevent this nonsense? I don't get how this is happening now but never did with my other remotes.

I suppose I could try to add an additional Start-up command to follow the Power Down command when the End activity completes. However, what happens if there is a recording in progress? This is a very real problem for me. Any suggestions out there?
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There are many solutions. The easiest is probably in the device settings, select "this device has no power buttons" or something to that effect. Then re-run your activity setups and sync.
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