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Harmony + Sharp (AQUOS) LCD TV = wrong inputs

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I've had a 676 and a One and both do not go to the TV input when from a powered off state.

My TV is a Sharp Aquos 94SE but I've seen other Sharps and they seem to have the same menu system.

I think the problem is that Sharp's do not have a button specific for the TV input. Instead, it uses the input button to toggle the screen on, and the same input button scrolls through the inputs.

The Harmony's do show discrete buttons for all inputs, and all the others (HDMI, composite, etc.) work, except for TV.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue.

Has anyone found a fix?
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If you use the help button, does it fix the input?

It COULD be the input delay setting on the remote for your sharp. We have a sharp and it seems to do the same thing (before I changed the delay). See, the sharp takes too long to power on, and it is not done with the power up cycle when your harmony sends the input command. I changed my input delay to 8000ms, and it fixed the problem, give it a try. Go into devices and change it for the sharp...
Can you use Channel Up or Channel Down to get to the TV tuner? That may be a good alternative.
I had heaps of trouble with this, the problem is the harmony one default method of selecting the TV inputs is wrong. The lack of a TV input button on the sharp as per the first post is what causes the default to be wrong.

Use the method of tv input that states "push one button to bring up menu, push another button to toggle between inputs and a third button to complete the process". Then for the first button use "TV/Video", use the same button to toggle between inputs and ignore the third button.

Mine always goes to the correct input now but is a bit slow.

Maybe I have not explained this clearly, but I think this is the third menu choice for input selection and it may mention Samsung tvs. This is all done on the setup menu for the tv.


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