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Harmony Touch - $119.00 - NewEgg Refurb

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I've been in need of a new, really good universal remote for a while, as my Harmony 720 was flung across the kitchen while watching an NFL game that was not going my team's way.




These normally cost upwards of $250 or so, from what I've seen.


$2.00 3-day shipping.


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Looks like an OK deal.

But, I think you need something that better addresses your real needs. – Especially considering your “Location”.

I’d recommend something like THIS .

Or, maybe THIS
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Considering his location maybe he just needs a new team to root for...
No. A real fan doesn’t quit his team just because they aren’t winning. A real fan just roots harder. While this can result in a seemingly endless emotional downward spiral of disappointment, dread and damaged remotes, a real fan must believe that there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

A lifelong Red Sox fan,

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Wind Jack - both of your posts just made my day. Totally funny, perceptive and spot on true!
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