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I recently had my Harmony 880 Remote replaced by Logitech under warranty and they said i did not have to send the defective one back. The one they sent me came in a plan brown box with "Refurbished by Logitech" written on the box. To now everything they have replaced under warranty has come in a retail box this is the first one labeled refurbished which made me wonder if they don't ask for the defective one back how can they send refurbished one out? As someone else said I'm just one person so just because they didn't ask for the defective remote back from me doesn't mean same for anyone else so have you had Logitech replace a Harmony remote under warranty and what did they do?

Thank you for your recent inquiry about your Harmony Universal Remote.

We do not require you to return the original remote.

Packing slip address with replacement remote:

logitech inc

c/o new breed logistics

8640 nail road

suite 100

olive branch, ms 38654
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