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I'm getting ready to do my columns for my theater, but before I do I wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing something that would be dumb soundwise. When I say 'T' I mean that it would basically something like this (looking down from top of wall):



| | |


EDIT: Ack, my little drawing isn't working, it's getting shifted to the left. Basically, the center one is three | long and the two sides ones are 2 | high.

it would run from floor to ceiling, and then it would run rope light on the inside of the column (so basically, you'd get light coming out from the sides of the columns, but nothing direct). My only concern is that it might possibly 'echo'??? In any case, I'm sure someone has done this design before with all of the 1000's of theaters done, I just can't seem to find anyone who has done it (for pictures, questions about echos, etc). Thanks!
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