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Has anyone had their convergence successfully corrected on a HD CRT?

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Hey everybody

I just got a new Samsung 26" CRT HDTV. When I got it home I noticed the convergence was waaaay off on the right side of the picture, it was giving any vertical lines on the screen a red outline. Then I discovered that it wasn't accepting 720p correctly, it would display a clear but jumpy picture. I called Samsung & the guy tells me I should just exchange the set, but he said he would escalate my problem to the next level up anyways & they would get back to me in a week. So I just exchange the set the next day instead of waiting for a tech since I had 30 days to return the set.

Well......The new one has pretty sh*tty convergence also, only in a different spot, this time its effecting horizontal lines on the entire picture. So when I'm watching letterboxed material I'll get a red line between black letterboxes & the actual image. Its really ugly. Luckly 720p is displaying like its supposed to though, so I'm happy about that. But I'm really annoyed with the quality control of these sets. Not 2 mention its been 2 weeks since I called Samsung Techsupport & nobody has gotten back to me about my original problem with the last TV.

My delima is, I bought this TV at bestbuy & the nearest bestbuy is an hour away, so I'm looking at a 2 hour round trip everytime I exchange this set. Not to mention its a pain in the @$$ to pack this thing back up & drag it up & down the stairs. So I'm not going to keep exchanging these sets when my warrenty covers me for in home tv service.

Can someone give me a glimmer of hope?
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Which Samsung model are you referring to? I did not think any of the samsung direct view crt's accepted 720p so thats why you might be getting wavy lines on 720p. I had a similar poor experience with Samsung customer service. It took them over a month to get back to me on a tv the service tech could not fix. They finally swapped me a new tv and upgraded the model from the txm3096 to a txn3098. Even the 3098 has some screen imperfections but ive learned to live with it. I would suggest returning the tv and see if you can get best buy to deliver you a new one for free especially since you have the in home service.
TX-P2670WH, it supports 720p as an input & it works fine on my new TV.

The in-home service is under my samsung warrenty, so I don't think bestbuy will deliver me a new one?
Does anyone have a good Samsung 26"? Or did I just get 2 lemons in a row?
My TXP2675 is great (sold at circuit city and crutchfield, but not best buy). Sounds like your input may be the problem, not the TV. You didn't list your video source?
Component Inputs, actually the problem is on all the inputs though. The convergence issue is always in the same spot (Right side of the picture on the first TV, Top of the picture on the second TV and in the corners a little).
My Sony 30HS420 has some convergence issues in the extreme lower left corner and upper left side of the screen. It's noticeable but I can live with it. The rest of the screen is pretty spot on. From what I've read over on another Web site, it's probably unlikely that I can get mine to look much better than it already is. A service tech can come out and try to adjust it, but it's probably going to look worse or not change at all after they're done with it. This problem is one of the downsides to CRTs. It's nearly impossible to get perfect convergence at the corners and edges of the screen, but it's shouldn't be so bad that you can notice it from 6-8 feet away. My current 19" Sony PC monitor has some convergence issues. And even though it has adjustments to correct it, making changes in one area will make another area of the screen look worse.

All I can suggest is to keep trying to get a good one or move on to a different brand. You'll eventually discover that the convergence on every CRT TV is off to some degree.
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Well, I'm hoping the left-side convergence problems with my brand new XBR960 can be repaired by the Sony factory service technician who's coming out Tuesday. It is unacceptable the way it is.

I've had some computer monitors with convergence problems (all Sony Trinitron-based), and it's true that inevitably adjustments via software (I mean onscreen controls) seem to move the problem around, resolving the issue in one area while creating a new problem in another area. But I'm hoping that with the possibility of mechanical repair by a technician coupled with service menu adjustments may have more success resolving a local problem locally on my XBR960, without ruining the picture elsewhere.

If it does appear impossible to repair my XBR960, I'll request a replacement. That's been the solution in some of my computer monitor situations, and the replacement monitor was perfect. So indeed it can be considered a potential manufacturing defect in tube-based CRT sets. But these sets can also be perfect, with no convergence problem at all... even in the extreme corners of a perfectly flat tube.

Anyway, I'm really hoping my problem can be repaired without having to go through the hassle of replacing the set.
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I have the Samsung txp2775 and the picture is bowed in the middle. I tried to fix it in the service menu, but I just can't seem to get the right settings. Does anyone have this set that might consider sending me their settings?

Please let me know.

DSperber, can you report back here if you get your TV fixed or not? I'd really like to know if they can fix the convergence errors because I may just try to get mine fixed or replaced also. Mine isn't so horrible but I feel it could be better if not near perfect.
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