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Has anyone register MSN as the ISP on there UTV

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Has anyone been able to get MSN to work on utv? Since AOL won't work, I registered for the free 30 day trail of MSN to try and complete the HD upgrade. When I dial in, I get the Internet Provider does not recogonize the password.

This does not appear to be rocket science but maybe I am missing something simple. Here is what I have entered.


USERID: (I have tried userid and [email protected] )

PW: (Know I have typed it right, and went on the internet msn site and the pw worked, and I checked to make sure the caps lock was off)

Phone: Local Number 1

Phone: Local Number 2

I also tried dialing in a UTV that is working and I get the same error. Any help would be appreciated.
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On the forth line, did you write- msn/userid?
no just,

IE userid: JohnSmith

Should it be MSN/JohnSmith ?
Thanks that did the trick. Final UTV is upgraded
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