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Has anyone seen "Bad Boys II" on HBO-HD?

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Is this not the most amazing PQ of any filmed media yet? Absolutely stunning! I wonder what filming technique Jerry Bruckheimer used. Anyone know? Anyone?...Anyone?...Beuller?...Beuller?

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I saw it Saturday night and I thought it looked really good for film.
I saw it last night- 5.1, and do you nkow if OAR was 1.78:1? Or was this cropped? Thought it looked like one of the best presentations I've seen to date.
2.35:1 theatrically. I agree that this is one of, if not the best, looking movies in HD I've seen as well.
Was thinking the same while watching it last night. Someone explained to me once how certain camera filters enhance the look on film.. but I forgot what its called. Regardless... it looked bee-uuuu-teee-full
I remembered what the trailers on HDNet looked like, so I knew it was going to be good when it finally showed up on HBO. The 5.1 is also damn good too. Talk about a HD demo material.
I flipped into the very end of this last night and what I saw was 2.35:1. Since this is a new movie I'm guessing the rest of the movie was cropped?

Saw this on Saturday and again last night. Excellent PQ both nights.
anyone know for sure if it was open matte or cropped? maybe someone with the DVD can do a comparison

i know for a fact that the movie's trailers were shown at 1.78:1 on HDNET...so obviously there is a chance that it could be open matte
According to IMDB it was filmed in Super35 so there is a good chance it was shown open matte on HBO.

I just got my HD box and I'm wondering how much of HBO-HD is just upconverted DVD's? Saw BBII and yes it looked great, but not quite HD caliber. I also thought The Fugitive looked awsome considering its age (1993 release.)
Film transfers generally aren't as sharp as HD video.
A bit OT, but the old movies on HDNet Movies are quite stunning as well.

just checked the opening credits with the DVD...the skyline shot as the sun is going down clearly shows the cropping..buildings are cut off on both sides

what is the point of shooting super35 if it isn't going to be used?
I too noticed it...did not watch the whole film, just a few minutes...but it was stunning!
Tivo'd it this morning and just finished watching the recording. Looked and sounded excellent, even on my 720p DLP.
Originally posted by dfioc
A bit OT, but the old movies on HDNet Movies are quite stunning as well.
Some are, but most seem to me to be quite dark and muddied. :(

I watched this on CinemaxHD and for some reason it actually looks better to me on HBO-HD, I agree that they could have done a better job with this Super35 transfer, but overall it looks fantastic.

Also Equilibrium on Showtime-HD looked really, really sharp (supposedly not true HD, but a 480p transfer but in OAR, you can't really tell).
I agree HBO has been doing a good job putting out nice HD. BB2 was great as was X-men2 a couple weeks ago.
I have the DVD. It's 2.35 originally. One of my recent favorite guilty pleasures. I don't know the technicalities of the filming process, but it's obvious when you see a Bruckheimer/Bay movie that there's some sort of ultra clean look to it that makes it translate well into home video.
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