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Has anyone tried this? DVD to DVD DTS Audio?

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Has anyone tried to Record a DTS Music disc to a blank disc and maintain the multichannel Sound? How about with DVD Audio Discs? About the best sounding DTS Music disc is Alan Parsons On Air, IMO. Thanks.
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I think I have a simular question. (And I hope it's not illegal.)

In some of the music video DVD's I own between the music you get other information (e.g.: Last Waltz, Sting - All this time). What I would like is to record just the music on a dts-cd or on another cd, but with keeping the same audio-quality which is on the DVD.

I'm going to be trying something similar too. I am looking at some SW, Audio Ripper that might do what I want. There is a free trial download that limits you to 5 mins. http://www.imtoo.com/dvd-audio-ripper.html

Haven't had a chance to try it yet.
There is another product called DVD Audio Extractor . I'm trying it now and it seems to work fine. It gives you several choices for the output format. I'm testing it with MP3 (it uses LAME). So far so good.

Brewerboy, Jay: Sounds great; please post here what you figure out. I was, however, hoping to do it from a DVD player >> DVD Recorder. (no computer involved).

Clarification: I want to take a DTS music disc; place it in my DVD player (which has DTS), Record it to a DVD Recorder, and wind up with a disc that maintains the DTS multichannel sound. I have not yet bought the DVD Recorder, since I can't seem to decide which one. I keep procrastinating, hoping I can get the following: DVI, HD, compatibility w/-R, +R, etc. I may not wait for HD or DVI. Not sure. We have connected a Samsung HD DVD Player with DVI output, to a 61" Samsung DLPTV. We have compared the picture between the component output, and the DVI output. Both are extremely good, but the colors look different/better with the DVI Input (using the Straightwire DVI Cable). I was leaning toward the Sony DVD Recorder, as it seems to have the most compatibility. I don't like the fact that there is no HD. Warning: Do not buy this item from eBay. You will have NO warranty. I previously made this mistake with a Sony PDA (Clie' NX70). It was new, but broke after 1 month. Sony refuses to do anything about it. That was like throwing away $400.00. Live & learn.
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Originally posted by Mr. Hookup
Clarification: I want to take a DTS music disc; place it in my DVD player (which has DTS), Record it to a DVD Recorder, and wind up with a disc that maintains the DTS multichannel sound.
Not possible. There are no standalone DVD recorders that have a digital input or that have multi-channel analog inputs. The best you can do is record the 2 channel analog outputs from your source device.

Thanks everyone for the reaction. Like Mr. Hookup I want to maintain the multichannel sound quality. (But otherwise than him I will do the recording via the pc.)

Jurgen: Can you do it via the computer, and maintain the DTS Multichannel sound? What do you need?
Mr. Hookup:

I'm not a copying person. Once in a while I copy own of my own cd's (very seldom); e.g. my wife wants to here a new cd very often and I want it, too and we both have a personal workroom/sitting-room (which is also nice for home cinema, but I'm thrifting away from your question more and more). What I want to say is I don't have personal experience with this kind of work, but I have read about. Let me tell what I have understood (other people can correct me then):

- Up until now it is nog possible along a legal way to make a 1:1 copy of a DVD: the legal software wan't do it (e.g. Instant copy) and/or copying barriers like macrovision prevent it and/or just a good connection and the recordable DVD's are restricted to 1 layer (momentarily are coming 2 layer recordable DVD's - and recorders - on the market).

- I read that there is software with which one can make a 1:1 copy, but then: you have to do a lot of work; if there is too much information on the DVD you have to strip it (not copyiing the whole; this is the one/two layer-story)

- so it's complicated and probably illegal (if I see it well) and so I stick to buying cd's and dvd's (and I just like to have the original things);

- but - as I mentioned earlier - because I sometimes want to destiallate the music, preferable on an dts-cd (because then I can play it also in my cd-player), I have asked if this is possible. It get the impresssion: yes, but again: complicated and probably illegal, even it is for own use.

So people, come up with your comments: where am I wrong?

I'm sorry Mr Hookup that I can't you give a right away answer.

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