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I use my Xbox 360 only as an extender for Windows 7 media center. Have been using for over a year with no problem recording HD OTA and playing back through a wired connection. I recently upgraded the firmware (only the second time since I have had the unit). For some reason the video freezes every few minutes and I have to stop the program I am watching and start it again. At the beginning of the night I may be able to watch 1 show with out issue. I have searched on this forum and have tried the following, none of which have helped:

1. used a different switch (have 2 linksys gigabit switches)

2. disconnected the xbox from the pc and set it up again

3. per this post ( http://thegreenbutton.com/forums/p/9...26.aspx#492126 ) Go to Services then find Quality Windows Audio Video Experience and set it Disabled

Any help would be appreciated. I am wondering if my xbox is broken. There is no red ring around the power and also the unit is cool to the touch. I have the unit in the basement. I also have a linksys extender in the family room that does not seem to have this problem so I don't think it is the PC (quad core).

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