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Just wanted to let people know regarding these two players made by Midte in China. I imported 30 MDT-368HPS units and have found the players to have quite a few faults although in general they can be worked around - just annoying when the movie you are watching freezes or the sound goes (watching a western and all of a sudden they start speaking Italian! - Quite funny the first time). However the other player the 368L (wls) is a total loss with files on the HDD getting corrupted (permanently) freezes (the player locks up randomly after seconds or up to over 1 hour ), lip sinc errors and some other major faults. The 368L is supposed to be a HD player and was purchased in April (after assurances it was perfect). Recently (July 9th) they brought out a new firmware which was supposed to fix the freezing problem but unfortunately it still it fails.

One of the faults they both have is corrupting files which cant then be deleted by normal means. To remove the file press windows + R and type cmd. This will bring up a dos window. Type; chkdsk E/F (where E is the drive letter of the player so it may be F or G Etc) it may ask if you want to keep the recovered file but it is unlikely you will recover anything useful so just n that and the next.

So this is just to help others from being caught and I hope it is of some help.
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