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In order to celebrate 20+ years of the Pentium brand, Intel is releasing a fully unlocked Haswell (4th generation) processor in the middle of 2014. Current Pentium processors in this range are dual core models without hyperthreading, with 3MB of L3 Cache and limited HD (Haswell) integrated graphics. Intel is aiming that an unlocked Pentium processor will open up cheaper gaming systems based on the Pentium brand.

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From what I heard, Haswell refresh mid April. Z97 mid May. And Broadwell before the end of the year. There is supposed to be H97 too, but no idea on release date.

Edit: None of this is confirmed. And what I posted above seems inaccurate.

Latest rumors say Z97/H97 in April. The fist batch of Haswell refresh CPU's May 11th. The unlocked Pentium in June. The Haswell K CPU's not until 3rd quarter. And Broadwell end of the year or 1st quarter 2015.
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