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Ok here's the situation.

Getting hum through all my speakers. I troubleshooter and it's the hdmi cables coming from htpc, oppo and projector because they have a ground on the plugs. The xbox and roku are fine, no ground.

If I disconnect the plug from the oppo for example and leave the hdmi connected hum goes away.

I also found a hum coming through the cable lines and I added isolators and that worked.

All my equipment is in a rack and plugged into a middle Atlantic strip and into one outlet. Also my amps are in the basement, but I know that it's not the preamp and amps. No hum when the sources are disconnected.

I do not think this plug is a dedicated circuit, however it tried a dedicated plug in the other room and the hum is still there.

Any help would be appreciated. I am at my wits end.

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