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Hi all,

I'm selling a used HD-PVR 1212 to fund a purchase of another Colossus card. It's an F2 and has been solid. I bought is new at Best Buy about 9 months ago as a second tuner for my SageTV setup. I recently had to replace one broken C2 unit with a Colossus card and I like the internal look better using the HDMI input rather than cables everywhere.I have all the peices minus the box it came in. That means:


2) Haupapge Remote

3) IR Blaster (never used)

4) power supply

5) component cables

I see the "new" price on Amazon is $160 and around $190 everywhere else, so $110 is a good price + shipping. I'll send it however you like after receiving payment. I can accept Paypal.

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