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I had one of the old original HD-PVR's and recently upgraded to the HD-PVR Rocket. While designed for gaming it works great to capture from any component source. I'm having one problem though, my old HD-PVR captured at 1080i/30fps. This new HD PVR Rocket reads all DirecTV programming as being 1980x1080i/60 FPS or 1280x720p/60 FPS.

I've changed settings, toggled the Native Resolution on and off and it still does this. It captures fine, but the problem is none of the software programs included with the HD PVR or others I have will correctly edit the 1080i/60FPS files without a time consuming and quality loss re-encoding process...

Is this normal, and I just never noticed it because my old PVR could only do 30fps, or is something screwy somewhere?

EDIT: I know the difference between the 60hz the TV reads and 60fps, the HD-PVR clearly shows the stream coming into it as 1980x1080i/60 FPS. The TV is operating at 60hz, but that is irrelevant to the HD PVR's capture.
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