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Hello everyone,

So I've been checking out the respective Hauppauge HD PVR and BlackMagic Intensity Pro threads. However, my uses are a bit different than what is discussed.

So the most important thing for me is that I virtually wanna take HD screenshots off of my ps3/360. Both capture devices have component in (I don't have an hdmi 360) and I can get ps3 component cables for cheap. What exactly does it mean when we say that the intensity pro takes uncompressed video? To put it in moron terms, is it virtually recording the exact pixel colors that are coming through to the card and storing all pixels in a (for example) 1280x720 frame? So it's "print screening" the exact input? So if I was to pull frames out of the intensity pro's uncompressed captured video, I'd pretty much be "print screening" a given frame? So finally, that'd give me better quality than pulling frames from the compressed video that I'd get with the Hauppauge?

Second, I want to record DirecTV material. Obviously the downfall of the intensity pro would be hard disk space. But this would work with the intensity pro assuming my receiver has component out, right? Also, my plan would be to record on the directv receiver, then choose out specific parts to play out to the intensity pro to try to eliminate the hard disk space problem. It seems like I'd definitely prefer the compressed video from the Hauppauge from this case. But in the end, all things aside, the intensity pro would give better quality due to the uncompressed nature, correct?

Thanks for any and all help!
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