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Just watched an import DVD of this French horror film. It's aptly named as the first hour is nearly relentless in building and maintaining suspense. The film slips a bit in its final third, but I'd still highly recommend it. It has that grungy, 70s grindhouse feel to it in terms of its unapologetic depictions of violence.

I saw a preview for this at my local theater back in October, so I think it may get a stateside release. It'll be interesting to see whether it's released in French or dubbed and aimed at the younger horror crowd.

Regardless, this puts recent crap like Boogeyman and Darkness to absolute shame.

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I totally agree w/ your title Jayf..

I just received my copy last week and i was planning to open thread about it but i'm glad you did..26 years old new young master Alexandre Aja gave new taste to gore horror movies with his latests "delicatessen"

Here is some review about it and it might be some spolier:

Alex and Marie are on their way to Alex family who lives

in the country. They settle in and go to bed but before

everyone has even had a chance to go to sleep, an uninvited

guest arrives at the door. Slaughtering Alex family and

taking her as a hostage, Marie has to try to save her

friend... before it's too late.

Finally a new slasher that really lives up to the name

slasher. Taking about ten minutes of the beginning of the

movie to introduce the characters leaves a whole lot of

running time left filled with gore, screams, violence and

more gore. Though these characters didn't need a whole

lot of introducing as you grew to like them even more

during the movie. It's safe to say that this movie didn't

depend on dialogues and I could easily have watched this

movie without subtitles since the dialogue isn't very

necessary for the movie.

The thing about this movie is that there are a whole lot

of negative things about it, for example, the twists at

the end are really bad. What makes this movie so interesting

is, well first of all the gore obviously, but also the

suspense which will have you at the edge of your seat

shouting "Hurry up! Hurry up!". When a movie gets great

reviews and has a very big hype about it, you can do

nothing but expect the worst and so I did. And I really

thank Alexandre Aja for bringing us this piece of art.

Haute Tension really is a brilliant movie with a simple

story and lots of suspense. I think that some people

might hate this just because it's so brutal and violent

but true horrorfans will really love this one. This is

one movie that did live up to its hype so go see it as

soon as you get the chance.

We begin with a gory severed head being thrown on the

ground and from here on we get gory slashings and slittings,

bloodsplatter everywhere and a nice beheading. This movie

has enough gore to satisfy any gorehound.

It's obvious that this movie was made for the younger

audience as almost the entire score is filled with new

and often French pop music, though we do get a reggae

track in here aswell. The background music is so and so,

it seems that it was meant to be an artsy movie since

the background music doesn't create the panic atmosphere

that I was hoping for. Though that's the only complaint

I've got about the soundtrack.

It's gory, it's violent, it's brutal, it's scary, it's

exactly what we all have been waiting for. So if you're

still one of those who are waiting to see it, buy the

DVD from some online Korean DVD store like I did and

I promise you'll have a great time. Awesome movie

without a doubt.GET ITTTT..:)
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