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I have Def Tech BP-7006's for my front L/R and a Def Tech Pro Monitor 100 with the ProSub 8 inline to extend the center to a full range speaker (like the L/R). I will be moving soon and the wife wants to mount the TV above the fireplace instead of in a corner like it is now (ProSub is hidden behind the entertainment center). So I have 3 options for my center channel 1.) Set the Pro Monitor 100 on the mantle below the TV and set the ProSub to next to one of the towers (or shove it in the corner about 8 feet from the fireplace), 2.) Buy the C/L/R-8060 and extend a portion of the mantle to support the 12" deep speaker (mantle is only 8.5" deep), or 3.) Buy the Mythos Nine center which has a frequency response down to 45Hz.

What are your thoughts on this?

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