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Have Grafik Eye 6-zone control, but want 7-zone

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I have a Grafik-Eye 6-zone controller, but want to do 7-zones. Are there any relatively inexpensive options out there to add that last zone that can be controlled by the GE? A second 2-zone GE costs $500, so that option is too costly for me.

Thank you for the advice.
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You probably thought of this, but any chance you can double-up a zone to free a slot? The connectors on the GE are designed to take two wires.
For the 7th zone, I had the idea to use a single Lutron Spacer dimmer. It's cheap at $60. the Spacer even comes with a remote control. I can use a programmable remote control like Harmony or Home-Theater-Master that can handle "macros" to control both Grafik Eye and the Spacer and "simulates' 7-zones of control. However, I don't know if this will work or not. Does GE and Spacer use different Infra-Red codes? I guess my idea would only work if they use different IR codes.

===Spacer information

- dims a single zone

- remote control

- fits in single gang box

- 600W max (more than enough)

- 40W minimum


The model number is SP-600-HT-BL.
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You may not know this but each zone on the GE can be set to a binary on-off. If you did that you could have one of those zones run to a dimmer. I am not sure how you'd do your ground and neutral on the dimmer, though...

Why don't you lay out what each zone is and maybe we'll get more ideas?

The zones are:

These 6 are on Grafik-Eye.

1. 2 Eyeball lights that light the proscenium.

2. 6 Recessed lights over seating area, 2 columns x 3 rows.

3. 3 Eyeball lights in back that wash the rear wall.

4. 4 Side sconces, 2 on left, and 2 on right wall.

5. 2 Rear sconces.

6. Tray light in ceiling.

The 7th are planned for Spacer.

7. 2 step lights on riser.

The GE can do 4 scenes. If I press the Scene #1 button on the GE remote, will it also activate a scene on the Spacer? The Spacer remote also has 3 buttons (on/brighten/dim). Will these buttons affect the GE?

I guess the easiest thing to do is to combine 2 zones but I like all 7 zones right now to merge any.

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That looks like a cool set-up. I am all out of ideas...

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