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Have Sony DA5ES - upgrade advice for HDMI, iPod - Pioneer ELITE?

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I currently have a Sony STR-DA5ES reciever.

I have Infinity Delta 60s as my fronts, and the matching Delta center.

Link to speaker specs / reviews

I went into a higer end stero shop last week looking into Paradigm speakers. The salesman suggested that upgrading my receiver may be a better option. Apparantly he didn't think much of the Sony ES line as a whole, and really thought one of the the Pioneer Elites would make a nice sounding difference in my setup.

I am now considering a Pioneer Elite VSX-81TXV. He mentioned that the MCAAC (auto speaker level adjustments) on the Pioneer units is one of the best implementations of this auto-configuring technology he has seen.

So, my question, are these Pioneer Elites any good, or should I be looking at something else in the price range ?

I mainly use my system for Xbox 360 and then DVDs secondly.
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The salesman is full of [email protected]#t! He obviously just wants to sell you Elite receivers because for him to lump all ES receivers together and say they are not very good shows his apparent ignorance of the ES line. In fact, your DA5ES receiver is one of the best ES receivers made and is highly thought of by those in-the-know as one of the best in it's class.

Do yourself a favor and spend your money at a store that is not deceitful like the one you are talking about.

Speakers will make a MUCH bigger difference then a new receiver would (considering the receiver you already have). In fact if you search sales of DA5ES receivers you'll see they still sell for around $600... that tells you the reputation of this receiver.
Yeah - the DA5 is not only the best receiver Sony has ever made, but the best receiver I've ever heard, period. I real rare masterpiece. I'm still using mine. It's so powerful and sounds so good, I can't bring myself to upgrade from it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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