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Have the 360 HD but am debating whether to buy Toshiba A2.

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Is there a big bennie going with the A2 over the 360 HD? I have a Denon 1920 that upconverts via HDMI to 1081i. Have considered the PS3 but don't care about gaming on it just movies. Do I need to be buying movies in both formats(not really).

So I guess I am asking what would be the pluses to buying the A2?

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The main advantages are DTS audio over optical and Advanced formats over HDMI (if you have an HDMI capable receiver). PQ is as good on the 360 as on the Toshiba.
I thought I read a thread that said DTS will be working on the 360 soon... not sure where it went.
I sold the 360 addon because I wanted superior upconversion as well as True HD.
I returned the 360 addon because the audio sucked. The audio from the A2 is so much better.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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