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Have you calibrated this LCD before...

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Hi All,

I'm looking at a couple of LCD TVs and I plan to have the one I purchase professionally calibrated.

I've read the threads on the TVs themselves but I wanted to get some ideas from the folks who try to make the PQ look as good as possible.

From what I have found, I basically have 3 narrow bezel models to choose from that will fit in my cabinet. (and give me at least a 46" screen - FYI my cabinet is 43.5" wide)

Toshiba 46XF550

Sony 46Z4100

Mitsubishi LT-46148 / LT-46244

I landed on these TV's for two primary reasons. 1) bright room w/ no light control (my 36XBR400 is too glossy) 2) small cabinet (I know....life is a compromiseif I had my druthers, I'd have a Kuro and be done...but it won't work in my case.)

Since you guys/gals work on these could you give me some feedback on any favorites or stand out problem sets.

I'm not looking to beat up on any sets/brands. I'm just looking for information on these sets that fit my needs and their ability to be reasonably calibrated.

Any input you could offer on these three would be appreciated.

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Last summer I calibrated a new Mits LCD and it was one of the most disappointing sets I've ever worked on. It was a top of the line 1080P model. I don't mean to offend Mits owners; it's just that this set was that bad. The last Toshiba LCD was better, but it had gamma and viewing angle issues. The Sonys and Samsungs are consistently more accurate after calibration. They are both great brands for LCD flat panels.
Thanks Chad
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