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Been searching this forum but cant find a solution but for past couple weeks i've been wanting to put our vhs collection onto the computer for later recording or streaming to my xbox.

I have an Avermedia M780 tuner card, it has analog, digital, s-video, and another jack that looks like headphone but i believe its some sort of av, not sure. I'm using windows 7.

I have the vcr hooked to the analog input. I have tried several media centers including windows, AVerTV 6, AVer Media Center, DScaler, PVRX2.

However when i play a commercially made tape, the video shows for second or two and goes black. I'll push pause, rewind, fast foward and it shows video. So i'm thinking its a anti-copying thing through the vcr as home recorded videos work, just not comercial ones. The vcr is a Sanyo VWM-370. It has outputs for analog and av cable. I have av inputs on front of computer but i cant seem to get those to work, not even with a camcorder.

I've tried google but most issues i see are people not being able to record in color. If anyone has suggestions on how to get this to work please reply.

And thank you.
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