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Having trouble finalizing setup

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When watching movies, I have a great picture, but in some backgrounds and most shadows I see a banding effect, so instead of being smooth, there are bands running through certain textures. Here is my setup:

P4 Northwood 2.4b

FSB 533

1GB Ram

GeForce4 ti4600 (dvi)

Toshiba 30HF84 (hdmi)





hqdn3d (denoise)



I have been searching for a solution for a while and have come up empty. Thanks for your help.
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First- are you using overlay or VMR9? Secondly, have you checked that you're passing BTB (please, guys, lets not make this thread a BTB issue thread, but it has been noted that passing BTB has reduced banding). Thirdly, have you selectivly deactivated each of your FFDShow filters to see if one of them is the cause, or a combination of them?
Semi off-topic, but the original poster has a setup very similar to mine. I'm interested in hearing what values you use for your FFDShow parameters and what version of FFDShow.

I'm using overlay. I think its somewhere in the avisynth/donoise feature. Its no there when I completely remove the denoise funtion, but at any level of denoise it is there. What is BTB? I'm not familiar with that acronym.

Crush - Those are my settings. I don't have enough power to run resize yet. In the next couple weeks I am upgrading to a 6600GT and this summer I'm going with a 3.2E. I'm using Andy's latest version of FFDShow (SSE2). I don't have a link, but its fairly easy to find.
Here's a link that you should start with with regards to BTB (it is a source guide written by a poster here that goes by ChrisWiggles):


Some of the information isn't necessarily relavant to your problem, but people using overlay, which uses PC levels (0-255) often have banding issues. The banding often disippates when using VMR9 which uses studio levels.

You will find a lot of people here who will argue the benefits and necessaties of passing "blacker than black" (BTB) information, but to you and them I say: I am not trying to bring that issue up. (if you find some of those threads and the craziness that ensues, you will see why i have to address that.) The only reason i brought it up is that I suspected that you were using overlay and there have been banding issues for quite a few people in that situation.
Oddly enough, I don't have problems with resize and I also do a denoise3D on the settings. Only difference is I have a GeForce 4 Ti4800SE (4400 + 8x AGP). My problem is that I don't notice much picture improvement on modern movies; just better sharpness and less grain on older movies.

Grant - Thanks, I'll try vrm9. The reason I am not using it now is because i'm using a multi monitor system. The main function for my computer is school and the secondary function is HTPC so I cant lose the main monitor and overlay is less of a resource hog on multimonitor systems.

Cush - You can do resize because you aren't running avisynth I presume. My picture quality is a million times better with Avisynth, but it really takes a lot of power (about the same amount as resize).
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