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Having trouble getting HD3650 to work on old TV

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I'm building a HTPC for my brother, who only has a CRT TV with SCART, so I've got to set it up for that.

I'm using an AGP HD 3650. In the past I've used an Nvidia FX5600 with a CRT via composite, and I would see POST on the TV, but with this card/TV I just get an out-of-sync picture. It doesn't really matter in the end if he doesn't get a picture until XP has booted, but I mention it as it could indicate somethings not right.

Not that I can get a picture in XP though! I've only got the TV connected and am using VNC to setup the PC. I've got CCC 11.7 installed, and it only offers a choice of 60hz refresh rate (I'm in the UK, so the TV is 50hz). I've tried switching between the different PAL settings, but they don't make any difference. I've tried using Powerstrip as well and selecting the predefined [email protected], but that doesn't work either.

I wonder if the Composite/S-Video lead I bought is wired up incorrectly for this card. It fits the socket, but obviously that doesn't prove it's wired correctly. Does anyone know the pinout of this socket, so I can check the lead?

I could also try and find out if the TV supports S-video and see if I have any better luck that way. Ultimately, I plan to wire up a VGA-SCART RGB lead, but I want to have either composite or S-video working as a fallback in case the VGA-SCART won't work properly on my brother's TV. The TV I'm using isn't my brother's, as he doesn't live near me, so I won't know for sure until after I've sent it to him and he tests it.
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Well I found this pinout http://pinouts.ru/Video/svideo_7pin_pinout.shtml and buzzed the adapter cable, and they don't appear to be compatible

The centre pin of the composite connector is wired to pin 4 "Color (Chrominance)" (when it should be wired to pin 7 (or perhaps 6), so I guess the adapter must be designed for some other brand of card. Even the outer connector is wired to pin 1(Ground (Y)) when it should be connected to pin 5 (or 7).

The S-video part seems to be OK, except pin 2 isn't connected to anything when it's meant to be Ground (C), but pin 1 is connected to Ground (Y) so perhaps that's sufficient.
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