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I am looking for someone who could help me with using Kodi on my Minix neo 8. I am following a youtube vid for adding an add on. I am following the different steps but I am obviously missing something for it is not working.
I go to Kodi, click on system, then file manager, then add source. type in the URL, click done, give it a name, click done, back out, back to system, then click on settings, click on add ons, then install from zip, then click on the name I gave it. When that is done on the vid it then shows a list of several items, one being the reprofile, which he then clicks on. when I do it however, the page goes blank and there is nothing to click on and I do not know what to do from there or what I am missing. Can someone either pm me or give me some pointers as to what I am not doing or give me a little troubleshooting.
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