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Hey folks! It's been awhile since I posted on AVS.

Awhile back I sold off my Ascend CBM's and HTM's. They had replaced some Monitor Audio Silver 5i's.

I was kicking around without an audio system! Well I wanted to put a 2 channel rig together, but was afraid that I would have to shell out some major deniro to get something as good, or better than what I had before.

After alot of deliberation I decided to build some open baffles. I also decided to go with Hawthorne Audio 15" coaxials (Silver Iris).

I had been running these for a few days with an el cheapo Sherwood receiver . . . and they were sounding quite good. Today the MiniWatt I had ordered arrived. I've been burning this in all day with my new Iris'. I know we can be a bit to exiceted when we get a new toy . . . but the sound I have achieved for less than $1000 is impressive. In fact, this system easily bests my previous system (Ascends or Monitor Audio).

The Hawthorne Speakers are impressive. 15" paper cones can make beutiful music. Not only will they provide the dynamics, the drama present in a musical event, but will do so with finesse. I've also found that they play well with all kinds of music. No, they won't make a bad recording good, but they at least make it tolerable. Much of my cd collection that was relegated to shelf duty, has been taken out to simply be enjoyed.

I built the baffles in about 2 hours. Cost for the wood? $15 I spent a bit extra for some cork, screws, gasket, etc. But it was way worth it.

By the way; many years ago I owned Klipshc La Scalas . . . these remind of them. However, from what I can remember the Iris' are much more detailed with a nicer, more balanced sound.

Thanks for looking!

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