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HBO-HD disappeared from 509

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I do subscribe to HBO, I had HBO-HD yesterday....now nothing is on 509 (information not available) and it's not even in the "edit channels list"...it's not an LNB problem because I still get channels 199, 543, 90, 400, 100, etc. and all transponders tune in.

Anyone else not getting HBO-HD?
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It's happening to me too. I'm on the phone with DTV right now. It just happened to me a few mins ago.
Same here, I subscribe to HBO-HD and have had no previous problems.
Just got off the phone with D* and they said the problem is on their end. I would be very surprised if ANYONE is getting HBOHD at this point in time.
I have the same problem. Just got off the phone with D*. They are looking into it.
Well I dont subscribe to HBO but I'm still seeing 509 in the guide and everything on my Mitsu. But it still just says call ext 721 as it has since yesterday when the programming was removed if you didnt sub to HBO.
I sub to HBO and I have a black screen too.
I have the same problem. However, DTV is sending me a new access card that they claim will fix the problem. I also subscribe to HBO.
The guy I talked to said that they were GOING to send me a new access card, but then determined it was not my equipment, but it was something on their end. They said they are looking into it.

I want my HBOHD NOW!!! WAAAHHHH :)
Technoid (NOT a CSR) confirmed they are having a problem with this channel.

I suspect that the asteroid from "Armagedon" has smashed into the transponder and the Government is withholding the news of impending doom for security reasons.

Interesting theory... however, that transponder is still working according to it's signal strength. I suspect they're trying to make it no longer a free part of our HDTV package.

Originally posted by Karnis
Technoid (NOT a CSR) confirmed they are having a problem with this channel.

I suspect that the asteroid from "Armagedon" has smashed into the transponder and the Government is withholding the news of impending doom for security reasons.

I can confirm it has nothing to do with access cards, as a friend of mine has a card with "everything" (hacked) and he isn't getting 509 either. The channel is just gone. I'm not sure what they're doing, but lets hope it gets resolved soon.
Guess Directv will be sending out a bunch of new access cards. I just spent 2 hours with 4 different techs. If it is a problem at their end what do you do with the new card....send it back?
Same here. Just got off the phone with DirecTV. Why don't they give their ECs a current list of all active channels????? How difficult would that be? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

I spent ten minutes explaining all about their HD channels, the Sat C kit, etc. He told me the reps were all getting calls from us and didn't know what was going on or even that 509 existed, let alone 543. Finally, they were told this problem was on their end and should be corrected in a couple of hours at the most.

Karnis, If they don't know about 509, then I doubt the D* ECs have high enough security clearance to know about an asteroid. :D
Linda, you may be right.

They probably smashed into the transponder with the new satellite they launched today. ;)

Actually, I do now subscribe to the "Don Landis" theory:

They switched HBO-HD to the same bird as HDnet, which is handled from the LA facility...but someone there spilled bong water into the control panel and shorted out HBO-HD. ;) Dude, Where's my HBO-HD?
I have had 509 on all day with NO problems. As most of you surely know, the CSR's at DirecTV have a motto: "When in doubt, first apologize profusely for the problem, then either blame it on the customer's receiver OR inform them they need a new access card." Oh...and as to the latter, they won't tell you they're charging you $20 for the new card until you happen to notice it on your next bill. :mad:

Here's what I've discovered that has helped correct the problem when you lose your HD channels from DirecTV...aside from re-setting your receiver by pulling the plug out for at least 20 seconds.

First, when you get a CSR ask them to put you through IMMEDIATELY to tech support. When they begin to ask questions just hang up and get another CSR until they do as they've been instructed when you THE CUSTOMER, ask for tech support, i.e.; put you through to tech support.

Assuming a "resend" of the DirecTV signal still has failed to get you "turned on" again...tell them to DEACTIVATE your access card...wait a minute...then RE-ACTIVATE IT again.

It's worked for me every time...at least 4 or 5 now to be sure.
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I just got off the phone with DTV and my unit had been off since yesterday - bad storms (disconnected cable and power). Anyway HDNet is there, ch. 400 (in spanish) so all is well on my end except for 509, I do sub to HBO. The DTV csr talked to the tech supervisor and they said the whole channel is out and maybe out for the next day or two! They said there was nothing for me to do but wait :( I've had the 721, nothing at all and now this - all in the last three weeks and its everytime I go to watch something! I am really getting pi$$ed at DTV and I told them I might do the switch to Dish - I don't hear this kind of crap about them. Sheeeesh!
My 509 is not there anymore either and I re-subscribed to HBO yesterday because of them removing it. There for a minute I thought they were taking away my 1 free week of HBO I had just gotten. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/images/smilies/wink.gif

P.S. MichaelZ, you better watch out, I can jinx your HDTV also!!

My HBO 509 is still on. I'am watching that Cats and Dogs flick ???

Mits SRHD stb and Zenith 1080 stb
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