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HC3 or H31 - decision help

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This is my first post, and this will be my first pj purchase. I am debating hc3 or the h31. I have been doing research for a few months. I am really afraid of RBE over SDE, but I have not had a chance to see DLP in action(or ANY fp for that matter). So this weekend I am going to purchase an x1a to see if this will bother me. I know the H31 has 4x wheel, but I am paranoid that it would still bother me regardless. Having said that, I would like your input on this decision.

My use will be mostly SDTV/DVD & computer gaming. I have about 80" of screen space available with a fair amount of ambient light with the shades drawn. This is one reason why I chose these models - brightness. Even though I have 80" of screen space picture might be smaller: 65-75". I have not done exact measurements yet.

I have two additional newb questions:

- For the hc3 why not use a very dark screen, instead of white. I understand that a darker screen will just absorb the light, but isn’t there a good dark grey that could enhance contrast while preserving color and brightness?

- For computer gaming, would upscaling to 1024/1240 from 800x600(or 854x480) really take away from the experience? I understand text would be pixilated, and there would be jaggies clearly visible. I think I can live with that, but are games playable at non-native resolutions?

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Ok, after reading the review over at PC. It makes me want to lean twords the HC3 because of the 350ish lumen output of the H31 vs. 900+ on the HC3.

Am I a big dummy?
Dont just take in to acount the lumen output, besides most of the companies dont really give accurate decriptions of there actual light output anyway, listen to the owners on this thread. Trust me. Ive seen the h31 in action and it is sweet. I havent seen the h3. One thing you want to look at is the contrast of the projector. I think its very important. Have you ever looked at a cheap lcd tv and it looks like your looking at a washed out foggy picture when it shows a dark scene? It had very low or poor contrast levels. H31 is 1:3000 contrast ratio, which is very good (at the price it is at) 1200$ I think. The better the contrast the more realistic the picture is going to look. In general most dlp pj have better contrast than lcd. That is starting to change though. The ae700 is 1:2000cr and the z3 is also around 1:2000cr I believe. The new sony hs51 is 6000 cr (contrast ratio) but is also around 3000$ on the streets or net. It really depends on how much you want to spend. I think the z3 and ae700 are around 2000$ and under (someone correct me if im wrong) Resolution is also pretty important. 1280x720 or 720p is great but 720p on dlp is kinda expensive right now (might change next year though) ae700 z3 and sony hs51 are all 720p This being your first pj is great because no matter what you get ur going to love. My first pj was a sony cpj-100 and I loved it !!!! But now that Ive been through quite a few pj's I know it really wasnt that great - low resolution low lumen, bad contrast, man I didnt care though it was sweet, anyway read up on some of the owners review and see what you think of the different pjs. But the h31 is sweet especially for your first pj I dont think youll regret that purchase (youll prob get like 2-3 years out of it before you get the upgrade bug) but hey then you can sell it on ebay and put it toward your new one (projector technology is moving super fast and always will ) and the process goes on and on. :) jeff
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Thanks for your input. Sounds like you recommend pq over brightness. Its just that I have two big worries about the H31:

- I have lots of ambient light that isn't going anywhere during the day unless I paint my windows. I just cant cover my windows well - there are too many of them, and I wouldnt like to spend $300+ on darker shades. I have horz. blinds now, they work, but not well. And I don't want to close them just to watch the news. It just has me thinking - is 350-400 really enough?

- RBE - I will find out this weekend if it really bothers me on the x1a, but I would take a slightly greyish image over RBE. I think anyway. I don't even know right now. I have seen the RBE on an expensive >2k DLP projetor at Best Buy, but it was projecting onto a little display wall about 1.5' away with 20" picture. The RBE bothered the heck out of me.

I think I am losing my mind I have been reading opinions and stats on so many projectors for the last few months. :rolleyes:
How wide are the windows? If they are not too wide the black out blinds that you can get at lowes and hdepot are really cheap like 5 bucks a piece. So even if you have like 20 windows it would be about 100$ Even the wider black out blinds are only 10-15 dollars I think. Anyway thats what I use and it turns any room into basically a cave. :) Here in the under 3500$ land the brighter the pj the less contrast the pj will have. Almost any pj you buy will need the room to be at least "dim" for the best pic. jeff
I have 12 windows, and they allow light in throughout the day. Its a big reason why I got the apartment. I don't like caves. You are right; i would like the option to darken the room if, say I wanted to watch a movie/DVD. But for day-to-day SD/HD tv watching, I don't think I would want that.

So would I even be able to see the picture on the H31 with that amoung of light in the room? I realize its a subjective question.
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