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HCCV question

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Hi all,

Can soemone please tell me if the HCCV is retro or angular reflective? Can I get peak brightness from either setup?


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It is neither retro nor angular reflective.

Retro reflective means the screen reflects light back at the source. If the pj is overhead, the light is directionaly reflected back at the pj. If you are sitting below the pj, you won't see the maximum gain of the screen.

Angular Reflective means that the screen bounces light at an angle incident to it, like making a bank-shot in billiards. If the pj is mounted overhead, and you are sitting below it, you should be in the perfect angle see the maximum gain. However, if you stand up, the image will get dimmer.

The HCCV is diffusive. It doesn't reflect ligh in any particular direction. The emulsion reflects light in all directions equally. This is what gives it its great viewing angle. You can stand up, sit down, move left or right and the image doesn't change. And no hotspotting either.

It may not have the gain of some other screens, but the image doesn't change from one location to the next.

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Thanks for the reply. The reason I'm asking is because I have "table mounted" pj right now but hope to ceiling mount it soon.

Sounds like I will get equal performance from either location. :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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